18 Mar 2019

Presentation of Larina Language Academy at the University of Economics

 Tatiana Larina, a founder of the English language teaching institution, spoke brightly and meaningfully about her activities. Students found out about the conditions created for lecturers and students, as well as opportunities for personal and career development. Larina Language Academy is not just an English language course or a school. This is the place where every lecturer or student feels the power of one’s education and knowledge. This is the place where English becomes a lifestyle. Larina Language Academy has several educational and entertainment projects that help develop students’ competencies. For instance, a student talent show called Larina Academy Awards and Larina Music School. Everyone here can announce oneself by demonstrating one’s knowledge and skills in various nominations, winning the right to perform on a big stage. Both Kharkiv National Economic University named after Simon Kuznets and Larina Language Academy are reliable partners of our fraternity. They help to develop one of the priority directions of the activities of our non-governmental organization – passing on-the-job training and employment of student youth. Therefore, we are sincerely convinced of the success of this cooperation.

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