27 Mar 2018

Campus project was introduced to vice-rectors of Kharkiv universities

The project Campus is in the final stage of it preparation. Today it was ntroduced to the vice-rectors of Kharkiv universities.

The event took place at the Teacher’s House. The presentation itself was short and informative. The activists of the non-governmental organization All-Ukrainian Student Fraternity the Elite of the Nation Anastasia Kladiiova and Olena Herheliuk told in detail about the project itself and plans to make it regular. One of the planned stages of this project motivates to implement plans into life. And this stage is called the competitive Greek Week. This is the final period when teams that were formed compete against each other. The winning team will be the best team of the year. In order to protect the title of the champion in the Campus project during a year, the participants need to constantly train and improve themselves. And this will contribute to personal, creative and physical growth. The participation in the project will be not easy for the participants, but nevertheless it will be interesting. As cooperation and mutual assistance are one of the main rules of this event, the organizers emphasize.

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