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Leadership School of the Kharkiv Regional State Administration


At the moment, there is a need for transformation in the country, and this requires people with non-standard thinking. But this is a need not only for responsible employees; it is a need for young, overwhelming, ambitious people who can become the locomotive of reforms and changes in society. That is why the project “School of Leadership of the Kharkiv Regional State Administration” was created. This project is capable not only to identify such individuals, but also to provide them with comprehensive training.


The goal of the project is to involve young people in activities that promote the formation of an active life position in the younger generation, as well as participation in the social, political and economic life of society on the basis of the formation and development of leadership qualities and managerial abilities that are implemented into life in the process of transformation taking place in the country.

Project objectives are:

  • to conduct a comprehensive training for young young leaders. As the result, the society gets specialists who are ready to independently initiate and implement projects in the field of social and political technologies;
  • to involve active young people in solving urgent social and public tasks;
  • to launch new public initiatives in the region and develop projects;
  • to popularize public authorities among young people.


Participants of the project are students, leaders of student government, informal leaders of faculties, headmen of groups and dormitories, active and talented youth. Total number of participants is about 200 participants.


The organizers of the project are the non-governmental organization “All-Ukrainian Student Fraternity “The Elite of the Nation” and the public institution “Kharkiv Regional Youth Center” (hereafter Organizers).

The project is implemented into life under the patronage of the Head of the Kharkiv Regional State Administration.

The partners of the project are:

  • Kharkiv Regional State Administration;
  • Training center “Leader”;
  • Hotel “Kharkiv”.


The program is designed for 6 months timeline. The curriculum includes three main stages.

The first stage is theoretical. During this stage the participants get acquainted with the concept of the work of the structural units of the Kharkiv Regional State Administration. As well as they study basic skills of leadership. This phase of training also includes a comprehensive disclosure of how the regional leaders solve different types of problems using their all authority. Implementation period is one month.

The second stage includes internship in the departments of the Kharkiv Regional State Administration. This stage also includes youth camping, solving cases and developing the participants’ projects on reforming the vital spheres of life in the region. The second stage also includes youth camping. During this stage, the participants also defend their projects. The final part of the stage is aimed at choosing winners of the project.

Implementation period is 3 months.

The third stage is aimed at realization of the participants’ own projects and introduction of new youth initiatives.

Implementation term is at least 2 months or more.

During the whole period of study, the participants of the “School of Leadership of the Kharkiv Regional State Administration” program raise their level of knowledge. Their goal is to be useful in the society by implementing their own leadership potential. Participants attend project events where they receive all the necessary information given by qualified experts. This knowledge can be used to support and develop their own activities.

During the main stages of “The School of Leadership” program, participants work on solving cases and implementing their own projects. The implementation of their own projects contributes to achieving a positive effect in the social environment. The capabilities of developing and implementing their own projects increase the existing knowledge of the participants. It also lets them develop their previous experience, skills and competencies that were obtained during the first phase of the School of Leadership of the Kharkiv Regional State Administration. As the result, it leads to exceptional achievements and positive changes in the local community.

Activities within the framework of the project are held in:

  • the hotel “Kharkiv”, the office of the NGO “USF “The Elite of the Nation”, the public institution “Kharkiv Regional Youth Center” on the 1st stage;
  • Departments and offices of the Kharkiv Regional State administration; the office of the NGO “USF “The Elite of the Nation”, the public institution “Kharkiv Regional Youth Center”, on the territory of “Feldman Ecopark” (camping) on the 2nd and 3rd stage.

Schedule of lectures and trainings of the “School of Leadership” project is created by the NGO “USF “The Elite of the Nation”.

Participation in the project is voluntary and free of charge. In order to provide the optimal number of project participants and to identify the motivation of those who wish to participate in the project, the NGO “USF “The Elite of the Nation” can arrange interview with candidates.

If a participant skips more than 30% of classes of the appropriate stage without any appropriate reason, he or she can be excluded from the project.

To participate in the project “School of Leadership of the Kharkiv Regional State Administration”, the candidate must fill out an application form for participation, providing valid data, and appear for the interview in case it is appointed.

Participants receive certificates during each stage of the project.


The organizers are entitled to take photo and video and audio recordings at the project events, and transfer this right to the persons authorized (accredited). Organizers have the right to use these materials for non-commercial purposes and for the purpose of promoting the project. Commercial use of audio and video materials is allowed with the written permission given by the author or the copyright holder.

The organizers have the right to make operational changes in this Regulation with the obligatory informing of project participants.

The organizers have the right to change the dates, terms, time and venues of the project activities, as well as make adjustments to the program of the project with the obligatory informing of the participants.

All controversial issues and conflict situations that arise in the project activities are solved by the Project organizers in accordance with the Ukrainian legislation.



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