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Student Week “Greek Week”


Kharkiv is considered to be the student capital of Ukraine. Currently, 69 universities of different forms of property and accreditation levels are training specialists in Kharkiv, including 17 universities and 9 academies. The university has a wide range of specializations: from technical to agrarian, from military to creative, from medical to economic. There are over 160 thousand students studying in the higher educational institutions of Kharkiv, including about 12 thousand foreigners. Such a number of young people from different parts of Ukraine, the republics of the former UdSSR and foreign countries, creates a unique opportunity for communication, cooperation, exchange of experience, remarkable atmosphere of the student city. Student fraternity, student subculture has been not just an inseparable part of Kharkiv, but became its symbols and a calling card.

That is why the project “GREEK WEEK” was developed. Its aim is to organize the leisure of students of Kharkiv region, exchange the experience, including communication, sports, cultural and creative development. The design gives you the opportunity to get vital skills related to teamwork, sportsmanship and, more importantly, victories and defeats. By means of competition, young people study self-discipline, strengthen their self-esteem and self-confidence and develop the skills they need to operate in competitive situations.


The goal of the project is to attract young people to a healthy lifestyle, including sports, cultural and creative development. The project is aimed at gaining a possibility to obtain vital skills relating to teamwork, sportsmanship and, more importantly, victories and defeats. Through competition, young people learn self-discipline, build self-esteem and self-confidence and develop the necessary skills to work in competitive situations.

Objectives of the project are:

  • to attract young people to a healthy lifestyle and sports;
  • to develop leadership qualities among young people;
  • to assert patriotism, spirituality, morality and universal values as well;
  • to form a personality capable of self-development, self-education and self-actualization.


Participants of the project are students who live in dormitories, leaders of student self-administration, informal leaders of faculties, headmen of groups and dormitories, active youth involved in sports.


The organizer of the project is the non-governemental organization “Ukrainian Student Fraternity “The Elite of the Nation”.

The project is implemented into life under the patronage of the Head of the Kharkiv Regional State Administration.

The partners of the project are:

  • Kharkiv Regional State Administration;
  • the public institution “Kharkiv Regional Youth Center”;
  • educational and sports complex “Karazinsky”;
  • the Department of Science and Education of the Kharkiv Regional State Administration.


The program is designed for 5 weeks timeline. The curriculum includes two main stages.

The first stage is preparatory. This stage includes choosing a working group that creates a map of locations, selects persons responsible for each location. Symbols (flag, emblem and anthem) of each location are designed during this stage. As well as sports competitions types and platform for them is chosen. It is vital to develop a training plan and rating table, including electing of the jury meanwhile. At this stage, a rating table is developed and the jury is elected.

Terms of realization are 3 weeks.

The second stage is about holding of competitions. Winners are chosen and the project is solemnly closed during this stage. Winner’s award ceremony is held.

Terms of realization: 2 weeks.


Training within the framework of the project is held on the basis of the Training and Sports Complex “Karazinsky” and other sports grounds chosen by the project working group.

The schedule of trainings and competitions is developed by the working group of the project.

Participation in the project is voluntary and free of charge.

To participate in the “GREEK WEEK” project, the candidate must fill out an application form for participation, indicating authentic data. At the end of the project, all participants receive certificates.


Organizers of the project are entitled to conduct photo and video shooting, audio recordings at the events of the project, and transfer this right to the persons authorized. Organizers have the right to use these materials for non-commercial purposes and to popularize the project. Commercial use of audio and video materials is allowed with the written permission given by the author or copyright holder.


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