европейский центр иностранных языков


This project is supported by the Kharkiv Regional State Administration.

The goal of the project is to join the Kharkiv region and Ukraine as a whole to the business, educational, scientific and cultural space of the countries of the European Union, and implementation of an action plan within the framework of “The Year of the English Language in Ukraine”.

Objectives of the project are:

  • to introduce educational programs to learn the English language;
  • to ensure the availability of English language services for all segments of the population;
  • to study and popularize foreign languages in Ukraine;
  • to expand citizens’ access to world economic, social, educational and cultural opportunities;
  • to ensure Ukraine’s integration into the European political, economic and scientific-educational space.

Project participant can be everyone who wants to learn the English language, without age and social restrictions.

A separate group program includes classes conducted for representatives of the patrol police.

Structure of the program is as follows:

The program provides four intensive classes that take place during the month for such levels of language proficiency:

  • Elementary;
  • Pre-Intermediate.

For participants whose level of language proficiency is Intermediate and higer, the passing through the Cambridge Exam (testing) is envisaged. Thanks to this testing, participants show what kind of speech tools they already own, and which still need to be worked on.

At the end of the course participants receive recommendations for learning and mastering the language. First of all, the program is aimed specifically at encouraging citizens to work independently on their level of knowledge.


The event is held on the basis of the Simon Kuznets National University of Economics. Today, more than 2,500 people have attended English language courses at the European Center for Foreign Languages at the Kharkov Regional State Administration.


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