історія еліта нації

On November 7, 2013, an independent, apolitical international student association “The All-Ukrainian Student Fraternity “The Elite of the Nation” was founded by activists in Kharkiv. Oleksii Kurtsev was elected as the President of this non-governmental organization.

The activity of “The Elite of the Nation” is aimed, first of all, at the identification of talented, active youth and their development, the construction of a better future for their city and their country. The main goal of the organization is the unification of the student community and the education of the true Elite of the Nation.

The members of this Fraternity are gifted and progressively minded young people: students, teachers and graduates who form the modern society, create the intellectual elite of the Ukrainian youth.

Student fraternities are quite rare now in our country. “The Elite of the Nation” just begins to write its history, but it already is credited with a lot of activities and gathers its pace. Numerous creative and artistic events, among which the “StarVoice” vocal competition within the framework of the project “Minute of Glory” deserve special highlight, including a range of charity events such as the charity date auction, masquerade ball for students of the Yaroslav the Wise National Law University that was held in March 2014, and in December 2014.

2015 – the results of the initial activities of the organization. One of the latest large-scale events organized by the “Elite of the Nation” was a charity masquerade ball “For Peace” for five higher educational institutions of Kharkiv, held on May 25, 2015.

But the Fraternity’s activities not end there. “The Elite of the Nation” always supports various projects and participates in other projects, events, activities taking place in the city, forms cultural life and youth leisure.