20 Jun 2017

Presentation and the first training in the the framework of MEDIA SCHOOL project

The MEDIA SCHOOL project was presented today. In addition, the first training in the framework of the project on the topic ‘The Fundamentals of journalism’ took place at the same day.

Everyone became acquainted, talked, as well as got a lot of useful information and good mood!

In addition, everyone who participated visited the Office of Mass Communications of the Kharkiv Regional State Administration.

Employees of the press center shared the experience with the participants. They also told about how to carry out a video edit and showed it in practice. They emphasized what it is necessary to focus the attention on during the preparation of the content. In adition, they told how complex the work is. The participants got positive emotions and new knowledge.

See you soon!

Media School, The School of a Young Journalist is a unique project that can stimulate information processes among young people and the younger generation through the training of basic skills in journalism.

It is worth reminding that the partners of the project are:

📌 Harkiv Regional State Administration;

📌 The Office of Mass Communications of the Kharkiv Regional State Administration;

📌 The public institution Kharkiv Regional Youth Center;

📌 The Faculty of Philology of Kharkiv National Karazin University;

📌 The Chair of Journalism of the Kharkiv National Karazin University.

Thank you for the cooperation!

See you soon!

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