The non-governmental organization “All-Ukrainian Student Fraternity “The Elite of the Nation” was founded in order to raise future elite of our country and unite people with various interests, specializations, but with the same spirit and motives.

The official birthday which is on November 7, 2013, the Elite of the Nation owes Oleksii Kurtsev. His idea has been instantly picked up by like-minded people and implemented into life. It was he who headed the organization and was elected its president.

Student Fraternity The Elite of the Nation is an independent and dedicated sovereign organization of students, graduates of higher education institutions and lecturers, regardless of race and nationality, social status, as well as religious or political beliefs. At present, the Fraternity is unique in its format. The goal of the Fraternity the Elite of the Nation is to develop and educate, first and foremost, young people, as well as the formation of a fundamentally new, conscious and modern society. The mission of the Elite of the Nation is the path to the highest standards of friendship established by the founders of the Fraternity, the formation and development of the leadership qualities of its members. The Fraternity is based on the principles of mutual respect and mutual help.

Our activities include a variety of areas in which everyone can discover their potential and expand their outlook. Charitable events, trainings, seminars, scientific programs, ‘Evening with…’ events, concerts, sports competitions, tourism, outdoor activities, theme parties, leisure for any taste – this list is not exhaustive. The Fraternity is taking great pains in order to make its members a star to steer in a modern society. We firmly believe that the Fraternity is for life!

The ceremony of official consecration takes place in mysterious and solemn atmosphere, after which a person becomes a member of the Fraternity and joins a great family, which is a very honorable and significant event in one’s life, since the connections with the Fraternity never cease to be lost.


We strongly believe that the Fraternity is for life!
Only the best and the most outstanding personalities are the members of the Fraternity. That
is why to join us, one should not only show one’s talents and possess true human qualities.
One should also pass a range of challenges and prove one’s devotion to the Fraternity.