13 Apr 2016

We gladly offer young Kharkiv citizens to join the Police Cadets

The training according to the Police Cadets program takes place taking into account the age characteristics of its participants.

According to their age, they are divided into two groups: from 9 to 13 years – Young Police Cadets, as well as the ones from 14 to 18 years – Senior Police Cadets.

This program is implemented with the support of the Kharkiv Regional State Administration.

On April 11, the Regulation on the organization of the educational process under the program Police Cadets was signed between the All-Ukrainian Student Fraternity The Elite of theNation and Kharkiv National University of Internal Affairs, in which its participants should pass a theoretical course devoted to the bases of the work of law enforcement bodies, perform practical exercises, physical exercises and directly get acquainted with the work of the patrol police of Kharkiv region.

As Oleksii Kurtsev, the president of the All-Ukrainian Student Fraternity The Elite of the Nation and the advisor to the Head of the Kharkiv Regional State Administration, the program is aimed at the identification of young people with special talents and skills.

The main tasks of the program are:

– to form of a stable system of knowledge about modern state and law, civil society, rights and duties of a person, the role and place of law-enforcement bodies in protecting the rights and freedoms of citizens among the participants of the project;

– to form skills of lawful conduct, positive motives for active participation in the public life of the country, in particular, the implementation, if necessary, of assistance to the state authorities in combating offenders;

– to raise the personal traits of the citizen of Ukraine, respect for state symbols, traditions and customs of the Ukrainian people, belief in the necessity of strict observance of laws, negative attitude to unlawful deeds, formation of a healthy lifestyle among the participants of the project;

– to provide social assistance and legal education of children from low-income and single-parent families, children from families of internally displaced persons, children from families of deceased law enforcement officers.

You can fill out a questionnaire for the participation in the project here.

Information for parents:

To participate in the program Police Cadets requires written consent of parents or caretakers of the cadet, a certificate of good health condition from the doctor and the absence of a ban on exercise. Participants of the program will be divided into groups consisting of 15 participants and there will be a responsible person in each group. To participate in the program, participants must have a sports uniform, a T-shirt with a Chevron ‘Police Cadets’, a cap with a Chevron ‘Police Cadets’, sports shoes, personal hygiene items needed for practical exercise and sports training. For the theoretical occupations, a shirt with a chevron ‘Police Cadets’, black trousers and shoes are needed.

WARNING! For children of internally displaced persons, children from families with low income, children from families of deceased law enforcement officers, and for children of other separate categories of socially vulnerable groups, special clothing with a chevron Police Cadets’ will be provided free of charge upon presentation of relevant documents.

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